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How Do I Create a Website for My Business?

How Do I Create a Website for My Business?
The Step By Step Guide

I’ve created lots of websites and most of them only got an hour of my time, people usually asks me that How Do I Create a Website for My Business?

So I decided to share the secrets of creating a website in less than an hour.

I want you to have your full attention to this article and close all other tabs
in order to create a website in less than an hour.

OK, let’s go practical and start building our website.

In order to create a website you need several things, like a domain name, web hosting services, and a website builder. If you know about web hosting providers you may also know that we should pay for each of the above services, but in this guide I have mentioned a hosting provider that will give you a Free Domain Name and a Free Website Builder, all you need is just purchasing the web space which will only cost you less than $2 each month Click here to See Full Features.


First Step: Sign up for a web hosting account

To get your website up and running you should sign up for a web-hosting account, in the web hosting account you can manage anything related to your website.

I am personally using iPage, because it charges less than $2/month but it has lots of features that if you want to get them from somewhere else it can cost you anything from $450 to $900.
I don’t know that why they share these features for free, but as it is a chance I don’t let it go out of my hand.

Feel Free to Sign Up, because they have anytime money-back guarantee.


Second Step: Choose a domain name

When you click on sign up, you will be asked to choose a domain name for your website like
Remember that a domain can cost you $15.99/Year, but with the link above you can get a free domain name.

Your domain should describe your business appropriately because it will effect on your Google ranking. I suggest you to use (.com, .org, and .net) because they will rank easily in a short-term of time. Get a Free Domain Name

How Do I Create a Website for My Business, Registering domian name
How Do I Create a Website for My Business

Third Step: Get a Website Builder

After choosing your domain name you will be asked some simple question according to your business or personal website.

When the SignUp process is completed, you will receive an email that will tell you how to use their services.

After that click on this link

How Do I Create a Website for My Business The Best Website Builder
How Do I Create a Website for My Business, The Best Website Builder

In this app you can create a professional looking website with just dragging and dropping images, text, and videos to your website.

It is mentionable that you can use Website Creator by CM4all and WordPress at the same account, but I suggest Weebly, because it will design your website more professionally.
To learn more about WordPress Read: create a website with WordPress tutorials.


Fourth Step: Publish Your Website

After designing your website using this app, it is time to publish your website, just click on the publish button at the right side of your web browser. and your website will be live in just minutes.

Remember that if you pay someone to design this kind of website it will cost you more than $900, but using this tool you just drag and drop everything easily with just a click of mouse, This is why designing companies doesn’t share these info with others.

Now that I have shared these secrets of How Do I Create a Website for My Business in less than an hour, I want you to share it back with others to help them as well as I helped you, just use the sharing buttons bellow to get started.

Watch the video before getting hosting and domain.

Go Practical by Watching This Video:

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