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How to Create a .COM (Commercial Website) For Free

How to Create a .COM
(Commercial Website)


First of all let’s learn what is a .com domain name, and how to get one?

There are lots of TLD’s (Top Level Domain Names) available for public usage, like: .NET, .COM, .ORG, .Info, .CO.UK, and etc.
(. COM) is one of the TLD’s used for commercial purposes, but nowadays it is used for all type of websites.
It is easy to get one, just follow the instructions bellow and I will show you how to get one for free.
To get a website up and running you don’t just need a domain name, but also you need a web hosting account to host your website, domain name is just the name that connects your website with public, when someone enters the domain name into browser it will redirects them to where your website is located in the hosting account.

OK let’s go practical and get a free .com Domain with hosting:

First of all you need to sign up for a hosting account, read more about hosting providers in Affordable Web Hosting Services or just simply  Click here to get hosting, and then click on sign up button.

Then enter the domain name that you want, if your domain name is not available try some variations of the words to get the prefect domain that you want.

how to create a .com website
Enter your billing information and fill all other fields:

how-to-create-a-.com-website entring info
How To Create .Com Website

After sign up process is completed you will receive an email message containing your username and password, after that log into your account, in your control panel you have lots of website builders, but in this training we are using Weebly Drag and Drop Builder which is included in your account for free:

Click on Weebly and Then click on Add a Website:
Weebly Interface chooser After selecting a domain, you can click on edit website, Here is the interface that you will see:

add elements to your .com website
Click on elements from right side and drop it into view add some images and text then click on publish and your website will go online.

Creating .ORG, .Net, .CO.UK, and .info is all the same, all you need to do is going to step one and choosing one from domain selection page.

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