How to use PayPal in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Libya, and Moldova

Using PayPal Even if Your Country is not Supported

If you are an affiliate marketer, or somehow you are working online and they pay you using PayPal, you may face problems on withdrawing your money if you live on a country which is not supported by PayPal, follow my instructions:

Here is a list of unsupported countries by PayPal:

Cocos (Keeling) Islands,
Tromelin Island,
Coral Sea Islands,
Heard Island and McDonald Islands,
Navassa Island,
American Samoa,
Cote d’Ivoire,
Virgin Islands,
Isle of Man,
Northern Mariana Islands,
Wake Island,
Ashmore and Cartier Islands,
Jan Mayen,
West Bank,
Paracel Islands,
Western Sahara,
Bassas da India,
Equatorial Guinea,
Juan de Nova Island,
Europa Island,
Korea North,
Puerto Rico,
Bouvet Island,
French Southern and Antarctic Lands,
Serbia and Montenegro,
British Indian Ocean Territory,
Gaza Strip,
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands,
Spratly Islands,
Central African Republic,
Glorioso Islands,
Christmas Island,
Federated States of Micronesia,
Clipperton Island,

If your country is listed above, don’t worry still you have a chance to get paid in your own country using PayPal:

In order to get paid by PayPal you need a third party to transfer money from PayPal to your own country please follow the steps bellow to get paid from PayPal in an unsupported country:

1- Sign up to PayPal and chose United States or Canada as your residence country.

2- Go to this third party website and Sign Up.

3- Chose the country which you live, and upload your National ID Card.

4- It will take a while and they will send you a Master Card in Post Office.

5- Verify your card and then they will give you a bank account from Bank Of America.

6- Go to PayPal and click on Withdraw.

7- Chose Withdraw to bank account.

8- Use the banking information from your account.

9-It will take from 3-7 days for your money transfer to happen.

10- After that you can use your Master Card in ATM’s or you can chose to get paid in your Local Bank Account.

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How to use PayPal in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Libya, and Moldova
How to use PayPal in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Libya
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    how make paypal account with azizi local bank in afghanistan with western union vertifiey accout

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    payoneer doesn’t support Afghanistan is there any third party website to login

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    Sir, do you think it is a good idea to buy a USA paypal account from Auction Essistance if my country is not supported?

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