what are QR codes

What are QR codes?


QR (Quick Response) codes are square shaped barcodes that store alpha-numeric information in a visual format. Each pixel is placed in a specific order to tell a smartphone using a QR scanner to perform a certain action. In our case, that action is buying products


Why would I want to use them?

QR codes make it so much faster for your potential customers to purchase through their phone, and faster purchasing ability mean a higher potential to close the sale. Not only that, you can track response rates from any sort of print material much easier. We’ve even got advanced reporting to help you track special QR code promotions! Now you can spend ad dollars more efficiently than ever.


Do they really work?

Definitely! QR codes are popping up all over the place. Just this month, some large retailers actually ran TV campaigns suggesting their customers come in and scan the QR codes in-store for even bigger discounts. They are officially here to stay.


Who can use them?

Anyone! We’ve built them into our platform for one simple reason: Making it easier for your customers to purchase no matter where they see your ad. Print ad campaigns are now just as ‘clickable’ as online!

 Starting online Store Business with QR code Support

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