Salehoo Review by Yummy Internet Staff

Salehoo Review

SaleHoo is a drop ship and whole sale provider, actually they are not providing goods by their own company but they are a directory where you can find lots of amazing goods with a fair price that you can sale them on your website or other popular online stores like amazon, etsy much more than the regular price listed on SaleHoo.


As there are hundreds of drop ship providers but SaleHoo is rated number one amongst them because it has legitimate suppliers that provide goods really on less price than other providers does, and they are all up to date and has fast delivery, thus you don’t need to be worried about your orders, because they will be delivered to your customers on time and you will gain reputation as well as a great profit in no time and effort.


A short overview of drop shipping:

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is an easy way of generating income online, once it was a great secret among some well-known business owners and marketers, they did this on Amazon and ebay, the procedure was like posting an item for sale on amazon and then when someone ordered that item on amazon they would fill the details of the buyer on ebay( obviously on a cheaper price ) and the item were delivered happy buyers happy sellers as well as happy drop shippers, on those time some people managed to automate this task and earn millions of dollar, but now it is really easy to do drop shippimg as I previously stated there are hundreds of drop shippers available, some of the well-known drop ship providers are Oberlo, SaleHoo, WWB( World Wide Brands), Alibaba, Drop Ship Direct, and several well-known providers.



Why SaleHoo is the number one drop ship provider?

SaleHoo is one of the best dropshipping and wholesale provider because almost all of dropship providers in SaleHoo directory are legitimate and best providers on the web, they do all the packing delivery and management automatically, and you will no longer need to be worried about any of the tasks above.


SaleHoo complaints

You might have heard rumours about SaleHoo on some SaleHoo reviews, but you need to know that SaleHoo directory have over 100,000 happy and satisfied members and most of them are sharing their views on reviews section of SaleHoo website you can also read other peoples review about SaleHoo for example read this SaleHoo Review from business information network which is an open review website where anyone can write and edit reviews.
In addition to their huge regular membership base, they have a much greater amount of users making the majority of their free resources, so it is not unpredicted that a little couple of negative comments have surfaced.
All businesses involve some negative responses on the internet, but proportionally, SaleHoo complaints are small set alongside the amount of happy people who’ve built successful business using SaleHoo resources.

From where does the negative reviews of SaleHoo comes from?

SaleHoo complaints often result from history members who have been unsuccessful in their endeavor to begin an eBay or product sourcing business.
They give members everything they have to succeed at online retail, including the great SaleHoo Research Lab which really is a market research tool to help you pinpoint hot markets, and prevent over saturated ones.
they also provide you with a huge tutorials of, finding profitable niche categories, delivery and importing, and an entire guide to various product marketplaces such as fashion, Dvd disks and electronics.

SaleHoo review 2017


Can you make money with SaleHoo?

If you never did drop shipping probably it is the best time to start a drop shipping business, because the profit in this business module is beyond the vision, you can make as much money as you wish with this easy to perform business module, for example you can find a listing price of 80$ for a good in salehoo labs but if you do a research for the same good on amazon and other popular online store you may find the same listing at a price far from your thoughts even 300$-400$, and yes if you go accordingly and follow tutorials on research lab of SaleHoo then yes you can generate a great income online with SaleHoo.

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SaleHoo vs shopify

A great way to start drop shipping is using shopify as your online store builder and then going for SaleHoo as your fulfilment and DropShipping provider, if you haven’t yet started creating your online store consider having a look at how to create an online store from scratch on BINMY Blog.


SaleHoo vs oberlo

If you want oberlo instead of salehoo then you are probably on the wrong way, if a business is good enough then why they are reviewing salehoo and with a negative review, for example consider having a search of google with the query “SaleHoo Review” and you will find the first review is from own Oberlo Blog, they are sharing a negative review of salehoo to gain SaleHoo customers, but they are failing, because there are already thousands of good reviews about salehoo on the internet, so never goo for such a service which don’t have customers and trying to grab other peoples customers.


Is SaleHoo worth it?

So by reading this review you probably know that it is a great service because there are lots of people endorsing it and there are thousands of happy customers and even you can find a review on open review website with zero negative ratings about it, so if I want to go for drop shipping I probably chose salehoo over other competitors because this service is really one of the greatest services out there.

If you want more information about salehoo consider having a look at SaleHoo reviews on reddit.

Go to SaleHoo Labs For learning more about it: