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Best Online Store Builder Software 2016-2017

 Best Online Store Builder Revealed

I have read lots of articles telling about best online store software.  As we are all in the picture, choosing best online store software is a tough problem we are faced with and we cannot tell that one store builder is the best online store builder software. Going trough the following article everything will be crystal clear to you. if you are new to online store business read my article about Starting online store business. you are respectfully requested to have a full attention on this article and be successful on choosing best online store builder software.

I want to cover the important things that you must consider when you chose an online store builder software.

Best Online store builder software

What is an online store builder?

If you know what is an online store builder then ignore this part!
We have three different online store builders

Installable scripts: These are scripts that you run them on your own hosting services and then build your own store, there are lots of free and paid ones but it requires that you know how to run a script and manage them. you can find more info about them on Wikipedia.

Applications: There are lots of applications that can be used for creating online stores but they need a little knowledge of HTML, and I think you need to be more than one person to start with them and if you know that you are capable of creating your own online store then go for this option otherwise wait! As I know the best application that comes up with lots of features is an application called Artisteer.

Self-Hosted:These are online store builders that come up with their own hosting services all you do is choose a template, select a store name, add products, and they will handle everything else, there is a good point with these store builders, that if you are familiar with web languages most of them has the ability of changing them according to your style. Some of them are like Pinnacle Cart, 3D Cart, Shopify, and Zen Cart.
In this article I will cover Self hosted shop builders that also can be used as  installable scripts. If you are familiar with web designing then go for applications and  build it yourself,  but in case of self-hosted online store builders! These features are important for a shopping cart to become the best online store builder software.


Best Online Store Builder Software, Required Features:


SEO Friendly

Most traffic comes from search engines, and more traffic means more customers and more revenue, keep it in mind that if your traffic comes from paid results you will still need a SEO friendly shopping cart to increase ROI.

Social Networks Integration

Internet users spend most of their time on social networks, so your shopping cart system must  have social networks integration or the ability to create a social online store.

Affiliate Systems Support

If you want to gain more customers than you need to apply for affiliate systems and in this case your shopping cart system needs to be compatible with affiliate systems.

Sync With Other Online Stores

If you sell products that can be sold on popular shops like Amazon, eBay, and Shopzilla; you will need a shopping cart that will be able to sync your products to those shops to increase ROI (Return On Investment).

For auto adding products I suggest inventory source which is a drop ship provider with lots of features and auto submission of products.

Accounting Features

When your business grows you will need an accounting program like: Intuit QuickBooks or others, then an online store builder that supports integration with accounting programs will be vital in these cases.

Easy to Use Design

Handling all other works will make you tired and it is really hard to design professionally and handle all other works at the same time so your shopping cart system must have an easy to use design feature.

Easy Payment and Drop Shipping

Since every business is different, your shopping cart must be designed flexible enough to work with businesses of all types. Regardless of the number of transactions, It needs to help you effectively manage your orders and ensure customer satisfaction. The best online store builder software must have these features:

  1. Customizable automated email notifications on order and new user registration
  2. Drop-shipping support
  3. Supports multiple locations
  4. Automated credit card processing and storage
  5. Shipping tracking numbers
  6. Account area for customers where they can manage previous orders, edit wish list, review order

Read more about DropShipping here at Salehoo Review which will discuss details about this amazing drop ship and wholesale provider.


Download The Complete Online Store Creation Video:

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As a suggestion, try to read more about Pinnacle Cart that has been ranked #1 and Best Online Store Builder software of 2013 & 2014 in ZippyCart . You can also find your best eCommerce application in eCommerce Software Reviews. If you want to get hosting and domain for your online store’s blog don’t delay and read Affordable eCommerce Hosting for more details.
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    Hello, Thanks for sharing all those information could you tell me about their user support

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    Hey Admin Thank you very much, it is really easy to build online store using this online store builder, I tried free but I will get it after trial.

  • James

    Hey Admin Thank you very much, it is really easy to build online store using this online store builder, I tried free but I will get it after trial.

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