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Learn How to Create an Online Shopping Website in 7 Steps

If you want to create an online shop you will need to have your full attention to these tutorials and video. Also I suggest you to read in details about creating an online store.

You probably noticed that starting an online store business isn’t that easy; so you have to take some serious tests and diagnosis before starting .
Please read these steps carefully and do your best to find a good eCommerce solution for your Business, after reading these tutorials on
how to create an online shopping website you will be able to start your own online store easily;


Create Online Shop Following These Steps or Just click here for a free try of automate online store builder:


  1. Get a Domain name:
    The Domain name must be easy to understand, for example if you want to create glass shop, your domain must be something like this: or
    If you couldn’t find the desired name in the basic domain search try to have a look at the premium Domains.
    Domain name : how to create an online shopping website
  2. Research on Platform You Want to Use:
    For creating an online store you need to have a software installed in your PC or a shopping cart platform
    It is a vital part of starting an online store, Because it will make a professional looking website with dozens of features without writing a line of code by store owner. you can find lots of them in the market for free, but for good ones you have to pay.
    At the end of this article you can find some of these services that you can try for free without credit card or payment requirement.
    I suggest using Pinnacle Cart online store builder, Read eCommerce Software Reviews and Pinnacle Cart Review for more details about shopping cart platforms.

    e-commerce platforms for how to create an online shopping website .

  3. Be Serious about the features of Your shopping cart service provider:
    The features provided by an eCommerce solution is very important for your online business, because it has to satisfy you and your customers.
    It is important for you to get a shopping cart platform that support or have at least these features.

    • Easy to Use and Easy to Setup
    • SEO Friendly Features, like meta tag generator and etc
    • Easy to Design Shopping Cart
    • Product Picture Management and Editing
    • Customer Management and Contact Back
    • Best Payment and Shipment Support
    • Good Security, it is important to be PCI, PA-DSS Certified
    • Currency and Language Support
    • Marketing and Promotion Tools
    • Syndicating with Other Shops like eBay, Amazon and etc
    • Social Media Support
    • Integration with Affiliate systems *If you Need

    Features of online shopping website 2
    how to create an online shopping website
  4. Create a Unique Logo For Your Business:
    Your logo is your brand, so be careful about it. When you sell your products synced in to other major online shopping carts like eBay, Amazon, Shopzilla and etc you can attract more customers to your store with your by attaching your logo in your products.
    Shopping cart logo
  5. Design Your Store Front:
    Don’t use complicated design for your store front.
    like: lots of products in front page of your shop, and other confusing matters; let your customers find what they are looking after, in a categorized structure.Shopping cart storefront
  6. Add products and promote your website:
    try to add most of your products at the first step, then promote your page so people who visits your site will become your standing customers.

    If you want auto fulfilments of products please read SaleHoo Review and also check Inventory Source.
  7. Get hosting for your blog:
    If you want to gain reputation you should have a blog with your online store. There are lots of hosting companies that will let you create a blog easily with just few dollars a year.
    For example you can get hosting from with just $1+/month.
    They will also give you a free domain and free
    Google Adwords credit as well as another amazing feature that you can install some of free and premium shopping carts in the same hosting without paying a penny.
    It is important to start your blog before online store so don’t hesitate and go on building your blog today, it is easy just with one click you can install some of the best blogging platforms.
    Compare hosting providers in affordable web hosting services.

Go Practical:

In order to go practical just go to and then click on Free Trial, then you will be able to create your online store with just few clicks, but if you don’t want to create your online store using online store builder then watch the video below and create you website using WordPress.

Full features

Download This Video Tutorial:

If you have any questions or if you need help leave a reply below:
 you may want to see Wikipedia for more information about shopping carts
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    AUS Admin :- I need your help, I just start a small business and I have tried to put it online in 4 different Free websites but it’s falling, Can you help me out? I want to build a small electronics website store online and use Paypal as payment method. I live in Australia, Sydney.

    • asadsaffa

      Manfred Most of free websites are just for advertising, and they don’t have any support because of huge traffic and lack of personnel.

      If you want to start an online shop try to pay something in order to get some.
      an easy way to start an online business is self hosted shopping cart platforms that you can get one here, as I mentioned in this post, It comes up with a free trial and it is really easy to use. also it handles all the SEO and advertising as it sync products to popular online shops like Amazon, eBay, Shopzilla and etc as well as your own website.

      Try it for free and then decide whether you want it or not.

  • Sidhant Shetty

    ho to create an online website in oman

    • asadsaffa

      There is no difference in where you live, chose a shopping cart system and start your eCommerce website they will handle everything else. you can find one here

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      Hi sidhant. Did you create an online store?

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    nice shopping cart

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    how much money i need to strart online business?

  • Domain = 8$ year
    Hosting = 4$ month
    cms WordPress = free
    Theme = 9$

    Total = 21$ need a minimum

  • Domain = 8$ year
    Hosting = 4$ month
    cms WordPress = free
    Theme = 9$

    Total = 21$ need a minimum

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    • Yes it is one of the best online store builders

    • Go for free trial then you will notice it

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    I’d like to recommend another viable alternative, Saphirea, It has a pretty good range of ecommerce features and is pretty affordable for new business owners.

    • I edited my post and yes, that is what I was looking for

  • This is a great article. I’m tentatively thinking about starting an online shop, and this article made me realize how much goes into it. Calculating costs and labor needs will be much easier now that I have some direct links to help me budget for my future store. You may consider adding something about etsy or something to compare having your own website versus one through etsy,com. I’m curious as to what the differences are between the two. Thank you for the help!

  • Sarathi Aero

    please tell how to create a online platform like a flip kart and amazon with low budget

  • Hi Saffa,
    Superb Article ! I would Suggest Webnexs for any online business, Webnexs is best online shopping website builder. Webnexs helps us to create online shopping website in just 2 hours. Pricing start at just INR 999/Month & $19/month.