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Do you Need to get this eCommerce solution ?

 Pinnacle cart is said to be one of the best shopping cart systems, because it has lots of features that most of the systems didn’t even have a few of these services or they are really complicated.
“As you know starting an online store needs lots of effort, please read the whole article carefully to find out what is best for your business.

I was searching for eCommerce solutions, I tried several online store builders, they all got both Pros and Cons but in this Pinnacle Cart Review, I wanna go deep down into features of this amazing online store builder and if you don’t know how to create an online store I suggest you to read how to create an online store from scratch on business information network.

If you want to review it your self then look at Pinnacle Cart Demo:

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OK, Let’s see the services provided by this shopping cart:
In this pinnacle cart review we are only going for the futures that make it number 1 eCommerce application.

Easy to Use Design

easy design pinnacle cart Pinnacle cart got an easy to use design mode so you can have a professionally designed web store without any knowledge of coding; but if you know coding, you can edit the main code or edit it in your own editor like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and visual studio or using FTP Uploading.

Free Facebook and Mobile Storefacebook shopping cart

It got a Facebook e-commerce application so you can use it in your Facebook pages, and you can sell directly from Facebook, also your shop will be optimized for all mobile devices and Smartphones.

Search engine Optimization S.E.O

  • SEO friendly URL‘sSEO pinnacle cart review
  • Custom URL‘s
  • SEO friendly hyperlinks
  • Site maps
  • Compliant header tags
  • Full meta tag control on product, categories
  • Brands, home and Other pages
  • Product-based keywords list
  • Strict CSS/XHTML/tableless coding
  • W3C compliant pages
  • Robots.txt file

                            And much more!

Pinnacle Cart  drives free, targeted organic traffic for your website. It’s rated as “Most Search Engine Friendly E-Commerce Solution” by SEO Shopping Carts and e-commerce Best. Read Best Online Store Builder for more info  

Instant sales with QR Codesqr-codes-pinnacle-cart

You can set a free QR code for each of your products that it will increase sales because it is a kind of offline marketing for your product. See also What are QR codes

Powerful Marketing Tools

  1. Quantity discounts or if you buy something you get something free.
  2. Free shipping if orders are over x amounts.
  3. Creating promotional codes.
  4. Recommend products in purchase process.
  5. Integration with affiliate systems.
  6. Creating updates and product newsletters easily.
  7. Upload secondary images as you wish without limits.
  8. Customers are able to zoom and rotate products.
  9. Facebook and other social media integration.
  10. And much more

Recapture lost sales with Drift Marketing Watch the video below for more information about Drift marketing.


Product Syndication

One of the important features provided by pinnacle cart, is product Pinnacle Cartsyndication that you can increase sales by syndicating your products to eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google Product Search, PriceGrabber, NexTag. And of course you will get tons of sales daily.

PA-DSS Certified/PCI Compliant

The security of your store and your customer’s data is one of important things you have to consider or otherwise your store gets hacked and your reputation gets down, as well as getting merchant fines. pinnacle cart is PA-DSS (Payment Application-Data Security Standard) Certified, and PCI compliant so you don’t need to be worried about this issue.

Advanced Image ToolsImage features by pinnacle cart

 Marketers have found that most customers get satisfied by observing the product image with details and then they buy after that, pinnacle cart has these facilities available for all products it got tools like Image Zoom, Magnify, Lightbox and Magic Thumb.


Advanced Analytic

One of the good features of pinnacle cart is that it tracks all your traffic and your conversions so you can optimize your website for those ranges of keywords that converts, also it can be integrated with Google Analytic and Google Ad-words, also you can use conversion tracking to see which sites provide visitors that are converted into sales.

Advanced Product Management

  • Insert Important products to home page
  • Manage Pricing for each good
  • Manage Placement of products in each category.
  • Sell digital and downloadable products like e-books and software.
  • Control shipment prices.
  • Create bulk product options
  • Import and export bulk Files, Products, images and other data
  • Add review and rating for products
  • Manage if buy x get y and other discounts.
  • Product videos
  • Case pack/Inter Pack
  • Add HTML descriptions and product summaries
  • Feed product information to top shopping sites

Advanced Shipping Management All of your customers have the ability to manage their shipment pricing, and weight management before and after purchase as you wish. Pinnacle cart supports USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, and Canada Post. So you can have national and international customers.

Powerful Order Management

Pinnacle cart is flexible for any kind of business that you can manage orders the way you wanted.

  • Unique order and payment status
  • Email notifications on order and new user registration
  • Drop-shipping support
  • Automated credit card processing. And storing information securely.
  • Unique tracking number for each shipment.
  • Control panel for customers where they can see old orders, edit their own wish list and its, also they can save their credit card information for future purchases.
  • Status and update their addresses.
  • Create forms to collect additional information on the product. Registration and checkout pages.

Fully integrated with all major eCommerce automation tools. Like:Integradet with shipments

  • Webgility E-Commerce Connector.
  • T-Hub by Atandra Systems.
  • StoneEdge Order Manager.
  • Store Manager by
  • Add up to 1.5 million additional products seamlessly through DOBA.
  • Outsource order fulfillment through ShipWire.
  • Use affiliate marketing to create an online sales force through IDevAffiliate.

Integration with Intuit QuickBooksintuit quick books pinnacle cart review

Pinnacle cart can be integrated with Quick Books so it automatically syncs to your PC or you can use the online version of Quick Books, So it can save lots of your time by automating this process, as two whole weeks a year.

I suggest you to have a look at Pinnacle Cart Review before going on with pinnacle cart.
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If you are interested in free shopping cart systems read Cheap eCommerce Hosting with lots of features added.

Learn more about Pinnacle Cart See: What is Pinnacle Cart  or Pinnacle Cart Demo and also have a look at Pinnacle cart’s LinkedIn then come back to pinnacle cart reviews 2017 and If you Read this Pinnacle cart reviews and still you don’t know what to do, go for eCommerce Software Reviews and  How to Create an Online Shopping Website  you will find The Best Online Store Builder in these articles.

  • Saffa

    --Saffa Web designer and developer at and professional e-commerce instructor.

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  • I think it is the best shopping cart, I am using it for my wife.

  • semir janson

    I have this shopping cart installed but I made it a little cool by adding some premium themes and they really made me happy and I fell really professional.

  • Shawn

    Hey Dear Admin could you provide a coupon code for this system or is there any discounts available please tell me here cause I wanna buy this system but I have lack of budget. tnx

    • Dear Shawm I am looking for that, if there will be any I will post it in my blog.

  • mattew

    It seems to be a nice shopping cart wish it will be as it shows not like others that decieve people with their features.

  • Caroline

    Beware … support is not great … wait times on the phone are normally in excess of 20 minutes. You can leave a number and they will call you back (in the order in which your call is received), but this wait time has exceeded 5 hours. Email support is normally 10+ hours. Not a good deal if your cart is down. Billing is not accurate. When i renewed my hosting for my cart they cancelled my email support. Even though their home page says it’s included. This, of course, happened on a Saturday when nobody was there to take the call and resolve the problem. Lastly, their documentation is dismal. On a scale of 1-10, i’d rate them a 3 tops.

  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to make articles automatically load a comment to Twitter and Facebook on upload in Pinnacle cart. anyone? I think there needs to be a bit more automation. And don’t get me started with the data migration or drop ship supplier doba or dollar days.

  • Lana H

    PinnacleCart has been working well for us for many years now. On the rare occasion they don’t have a feature we’ve dreamed up, their professional services team will build it for us. How’s that for complete customization?! Great, caring company.