Simple Sitelock Review | Do You Really Need It ?

The Simplest Review for Site Lock

First of all lets see what is Sitelock??? and what it does???

Have you ever been Hacked or Black listed in Google or other search engines, You know that it is not fun time in such situations.

SiteLock protects your website with, Spam protection, Search engine blacklist monitoring, port scanning for security holes, black listing IPs if someone has been sending spam on your behalf, Locking your database for SQL injections and XSS (Cross Site Scripting ), Application Scanning, and etc.

It has lots of features that you can see them all in this post.

What Is The Good Shots With SiteLock?

  • If you are using a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or etc, It can increase security, find bugs and security holes.
  • If you are using a shopping cart, like Pinnacle Cart, Zen Cart and etc It takes care of the process to make sure there will be no problem until the process is completed.
  • It shows a security seal in your website that makes your customers confident and improves your conversions.
  • If you have a server or network, It scan your ports for detecting security problems.
  • You will get PCI Compliance For your Website.
            What Is PCI Compliance?
    • All merchants that accept credit cards online are required to be PCI compliant.
    • Stop getting fined by your processor for non-compliance.
    • SiteLock offers an easy-to-use application that helps 80% more merchants complete the compliance process.
    • Protect your customer’s data and ensure that your business meets the PCI compliance standards.

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Lets see the features provided by sitelock in

sitelock review:


  • Malware Scanning

  • Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool

  • Blacklist Monitoring & Reputation Management

  • Application Scanning

  • PCI Compliance

  • Database Protection

  • Network Security

  • Security Seal

And Full Features:

  • Business Verification
  • Priced for small & medium businesses
  • Provides 24/7 support
  • Malware detection
  • Malware removal
  • File change monitoring
  • Access to engineers to fix vulnerabilities
  • Tools/Service designed for businesses
  • 360° technology saves site bandwidth
  • Customizable security packages


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Watch this Video for More Information:

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  • Saffa

    --Saffa Web designer and developer at and professional e-commerce instructor.

  • Mary Mary

    The problem I am running into is that

    there seems to be 2 different site locks.

    One from hostgator with a reasonable price of $59 per year. It monitors and removes maleware and more

    And site lock website that doesnt have any real value unless you pay $59 per MONTH? A BIG PRICE DIFFERENCE

    So are they 2 different companies with the same name? I didnt see the yearly pricing on the site lock website.

    I appreciate your help, Mary

    • There is only one Sitelock, But when it comes to prices Hostgator installs this services as an affiliate of and you have to pay some other charges after one year or in the middle of year depended to your website.
      After one year it will increase payments.

  • Hi there, Your review is excellent. Its makes me inspired, so I just make an overview for SiteLock Thanks for your review 🙂