What is sitelock website security system

What is Sitelock? Does It Worth? Do I need it?

What is Sitelock Security? Do You Need It?

Sitelock is a website security system that provides many services for websites; you can choose what is best for your website and your business by selecting options that meet your demands. Here, I will tell you which services are provided by sitelock.

What is sitelock website security system
What is sitelock?

Best For CMS:

If you are using a Content Management System (C.M.S) like WordPresswordpress logo, Joomlajoomla, DrupalDRUPAL, or other scripts and ecommerce systems like Zen cartzen cart, open cartopen cart, OS commerceos commerce , Pinnacle cart and other online store builders., It will scan your scripts for security bugs and other vulnerabilities.

Malware Scan and Reputation management:

Sitelock security system protects your website from malware, if it is detected on your website Google or other search engines block your website from search results so you will lose your visitors and your ranking, Sitelock tracks your reputation and avoid malware.

Application Scanning:

Out dated applications are the most dangerous ways for your website to get hacked, Sitelock scans all your website applications for upgrades and bugs.

PCI Compliance:

All merchants that accept credit cards online are required to be PCI compliant, SiteLock provides an easy-to-use application that helps 80% more merchants complete the compliance process and protect your customer’s data to ensure that your business meets the PCI compliance standards.

Database Protection:

Most of hackers inject attack scripts into your website to steal your visitors data and information that it will cause your website blacklisted by search engines and most of ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and all your reputation and ranking gets down. Sitelock protects your website from SQL injections and XSS (Cross Site Scripting).

Network Security:

If you are running unprotected services in your websites it makes your website unsecured and your hardware may get some serious attacks, Sitelock protects your server from such problems and also it scans 1000’s of ports to check that appropriate ones are and it detects security holes and other hardware bugs.

Notice that never get sitelock directly from your hosting provider. It will be good to get a Free Try and customize it your self to avoid unnecessary costs

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  • Jason

    Is there any way to try Sitelock for free and use all planes???

    • Yes Dear Jason just go to the link above says try Sitelock for free and then you will get all planes with a try of 14 days.

  • It’s good that people who are interested in using it can try it for free.


  • Site is a worthless product, aimed at helping you fill your insecurities with items which wouldn’t make a difference.